Fire background

Firestorm for LIFX

Set the mood using your LIFX lights. Watch your lights glow and flicker to the sounds of a fire.


Flickering flame from a candle in the wind
Molten rock rises and oozes out of the volcano
Glowing fire with wood crackling as it burns
Flames dance quickly in the campsite fire
Bursts of color with explosions and crackles
Fires screenshot


Settings screenshot

Lights / Groups

Select one or more lights for your fire light show on the Lights/Groups tab. Choose a group that you set up using your LIFX app, or create a new group in the Firestorm for LIFX app. To edit an in-app group in the list, swipe the item to the left and tap the pencil icon. When you add, remove, or change lights, pull down the list to refresh.